The fintech platform has raised €1,000,000 and is quickening the pace of its development

Photos de membres de la communauté de mozzeno
Photos de membres de la communauté de mozzeno

Brussels, 12 September, 2018 has announced that it has raised €1,000,000 from new and former

Launched in February 2017, is the first Belgian platform that allows private individuals to indirectly finance loans for other private individuals.

These funds were raised among former shareholders, including the W.IN.G fund, and a private Belgian shareholder investing in projects of a responsible and ethical nature

New resources allow to quicken the pace of their development

The funds raised will enable to reinforce its financial base and accelerate its development. This will include an increase in volumes processed with regard to existing products: personal loans and investments. primarily focuses on the guarantees provided and the flexibility of its offering to attract new investors. With this in mind, will soon be offering investors the chance to resell their investments before they mature.

As Xavier Laoureux, co-founder of mozzeno, explains,

Launching a new model is never easy. You have to win round the market, overcome preconceptions and prove that you are reliable. Today, almost 20 months after founding the company, more than 2 million euros have been lent in more than 350 loans. Not only have we been able to prove that our model works, but we have also developed it to meet the expectations of the market and established customer confidence. The time is now ripe to have the resources that will allow us to accelerate our development. is also preparing the launch of new products such as business loans. These new products will complete the range of diversified assets available to investors.

Business development will include corporate services will also use its new resources for developing its services for businesses. This will include opening up the financing/investment platform to businesses, under their own brand name.

Several clients have already expressed their interest in this platform, which brings together all the latest technological innovations such as big data scoring, electronic signatures and – coming very soon – PSD2, which will facilitate access to the borrower’s bank details.

Frédéric Dujeux, co-founder of mozzeno, adds :

We are extremely excited about our white-label platform. Indeed, the development of our lending business has allowed us to gain a unique experience on the market, enabling us to provide a platform that complies with all regulatory constraints, the expectations of consumers and the realities of professional players., together let’s make finance collaborative

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